Sprint announces new 4G WiMAX markets for 2010, including New York, Boston, and San Francisco

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Sprint announces new 4G WiMAX markets for 2010, including New York, Boston, and San Francisco

Sprint announced today that they will expand their 4G WiMAX network to Boston, Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. this year. By the end of 2010, Sprint hopes their 4G WiMAX network, currently available in 27 markets, will cover up to 120 million people.

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New Firmware Makes Cradlepoint PHS300 Compatible with 3G/4G U301

PHS300 and U301
Firmware 2.5.2 allows you to use your U301 in a PHS300!

CradlePoint has released Firmware Version 2.5.2 that provides the PHS300 with official support for the new Sprint 3G/4G U301 and CLEAR PXU1900 modems, as well as support for other modems and bug fixes for both the PHS300 and CTR350.

With its ability to connect to both Sprint's nationwide 3G network and their new super-fast 4G WiMAX network, the U301 has quickly become one of Sprint's hottest devices. U301 users have been eager for Cradlepoint to support it so that they can share their 3G or 4G connection with multiple computers, and now they'll be able to do just that! (note: with this new firmware, the PHS300 is currently the ONLY router that supports the U301. Other Cradlepoint models will support the U301 after future firmware releases)

For full details on what this firmware release provides, view the release notes (PDF)

For those ordering the PHS300 from 3Gstore.com, starting 02/26/10, we will automatically include a CD that has the firmware version 2.5.2 on it.

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Sprint Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G Firmware 1.07 Released



The OverDrive W801 works with Sprint 4G and Sprint 3G (EVDO) and is one of the hottest devices on the market currently. However, as we've discuss on EVDOinfo (our sister site), many users have experienced a variety of issues with the Overdrive, including WiFi problems when connecting to the iPhone or iPod Touch. This firmware update fixes the problems below.
Key Performance Enhancements:
  • Improved Wi-Fi operation and throughput – especially for "power-save" clients: e.g., Windows XP (without changing Power Save setting), iPhone and iTouch.
  • Auto Update enhancements to improve download reliability over 3G Wi-Fi connection; Wi-Fi driver workarounds on handling unexpected freezes or crashes.
  • Fix for when device stays in offline after upgrade.

Release Details:
  • Dated: 02/24/2010
  • Firmware Version: 1.07

Sprint Overdrive Firmware 1.0.7 Download

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Sprint to Release 4G WiMAX Phone this Summer?


sprint logo


We've mentioned several Sprint's rumored plans to release a 4G-capable phone several times (most recently last month), but this morning Sprint made the rumor a bit closer to reality by announcing that they plan to release their WiMAX phone this summer!

The phone is rumored to be manufactured by HTC on the Android operating system, but Sprint did not release any additional information about it. With Sprint's lackluster recent business, being the first provider to offer a 3G/4G phone would be a nice point in their favor. 

Check back with us for more info as it becomes available!



Sprint to Release WiMAX Phone?

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Sprint, in an aggressive tactic to win back customers (4th 2009, Sprint lost more customer than they brought on) it is rumored that Sprint will launch a phone that combines 3G and 4G technology this summer.  This new smartphone,"will be able to send data up to 10 times faster than current networks by using 4G technology known as WiMAX."  We mentioned last month in this article (http://www.4ginfo.com/index.php/Page-2.html) that the rumored phone would be manufactured by HTC on the Android operating system. Check back with us for more info as it becomes available.  

Verizon CTO says LTE Is On Track

Verizon CTO says LTE Is On Track

Dick Lynch, an executive vice president and CTO for Verizon Communications, said during a press conference at the Mobile World Congress that Verizon Wireless is on track to launch its commercial LTE service this year

Lynch said Verizon Wireless is in the final testing phase, or "Phase 4," of its LTE technology. Within 60 days he said he expects testing to be completed in Boston & Seattle. After those trials are complete, Verizon will be ready to announce commercial deployments.

Verizon announced its plans to launch its LTE network in 2010 at the Mobile World Congress last year. The company has said previously that it will launch the service in 25 to 30 markets throughout the U.S. by the end of 2010. The company is using 700 MHz that it acquired in a Federal Communications Commission auction.


Beceem Introduces Integrated 4G LTE/WiMAX Chip

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The Beceem BCS500 multi-mode chip supports the latest revisions of the IEEE 802.16 standard, namely 16e and 16m, as well as the 3GPP-LTE standard, based on Release 8 specifications. It is the only device chip to support UE Class 4 capabilities. In addition, it supports both TDD and FDD configurations for LTE and IEEE 802.16m, even enabling real-time band/channel reconfiguration through a unique multi-mode “autosense” feature that automatically detects the network type.

The Beceem 4G-LTE/WiMAX chip supports up to 150Mbps downlink speeds, and once again sets the gold standard for how 4G terminals should work with any technology, network or configuration. The BCS500 ends the 4G debate by connecting to any 4G LTE or WiMAX network with seamless roaming, and switching between TDD and FDD configuration as needed, freeing operators from concerns how best to utilize their available spectrum assets.



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