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We'll be tracking as many 4G related products as we can, and categorize them for easy review.
  • USB Modems   ( 5 Articles )
    USB modems are more versatile than ExpressCards because nearly every computer has a USB port!
  • Home Modems   ( 3 Articles )
    A 4G "Home Modem" is what CLEAR sells for use in home/offices. Think of them like cable/dsl modems.
  • Routers   ( 12 Articles )
    4G Routers allows you to share your internet connection over WiFi and/or Ethernet.
    Not sure which router is best? Check out our guide: Which Router Is Best For Me?
  • Miscellaneous   ( 3 Articles )
    Everything else that doesn't fall into an actual category. Battery Packs, form factor adapters, etc.