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LightSquared Announces Plan B For 4G LTE

Earlier this month Sprint and LightSquared announced a 4G deal, however, must modify their plans due to GPS interference. They've conceded early tests where they utilized a 10Mhz block of spectrum, and now plan to go to plan B. They will now use an alternative block, which "greatly reduces" the risk of GPS interference, and won't use the original block that caused issues with GPS units initially. They also plan to reduce the base station power by more than 50%, "which will provide additional protection to GPS."

LightSquared Chairman and CEO Sanjiv Ahuja said "This is a solution which ensures that tens of millions of GPS users won't be affected by LightSquared's launch. At the same time, this plan offers a clear path for LightSquared to move forward with the launch of a nationwide wireless network that will introduce world class broadband service to rural and underserved areas which still find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide,'' in a statement earlier this week. Over the past week close to three dozen companies which include Vonage, Cellular South and XO Communications, have sent in a letter to the FCC to express their support of LightSquared's open platform and 100% wholesale model. A major point seemed to be LightSquared's ""ecosystem of third party software, hardware, and applications providers who will collectively seek to transform not only the wireless industry, but also other industries such as health care, automotive, transportation, education, media, entertainment, and energy."            

The concept of wholesale broadband isn't new and FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has supported the idea since last summer. After the project was officially announced, he said it represented "more than $7 billion of new investment, with the potential to create more than 100,000 new private-sector jobs within five years. Today's announcement shows that FCC policies are helping grow the U.S. economy by catalyzing investment and job creation." He also implied that this would further the FCC's National Broadband Plan, which was a point made to the FCC to help grant the approval of LightSquared's wholesale business model. LightSquared could end up being a big part of the President's National Wireless Plan, which calls for 4G rolled out to 98% of the population within five years.