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Found XOHM But You're Not in MD? Here's How to Register Anyway!!!

Sprint has only officially announced their WiMAX XOHM service in the Baltimore area, but there have been sightings of active coverage in other areas of the country, including Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas. In order to access it, you need an activated XOHM modem (obviously) - but how can you register it if you don't have a Baltimore address?

No problem! The pro's at 4Ginfo.com are here to help!

It IS possible to activate your XOHM modem - no matter WHERE you live. If you're in the Philly/Chicago/Dallas area or just want to be ready for when WiMAX makes its debut in your region, simply follow these steps and you'll have an activated XOHM device that is ready to connect to the high-speed network.

Step 1: Purchase the Zyxel Mac206M2 Modem from XOHM.com

Step 2: Un-box your equipment and place the device as close to a window as possible. You want your modem to have the best possible view of the towers in order for this to work!

Step 3: Plug in the provided power supply and connect the ethernet cable to a laptop (best for Portability) or desktop ethernet port.

Step 4
: Open a web browser and the activation screen will launch automatically (you must be IN an area with XOHM coverage).


xohm activation screen


Step 5: It is important to enter a Baltimore Maryland zip code that is in a coverage area in the first window. We used 21207, which is from the address of a local police station.


coverage map


xohm coverage


Step 6: Proceed with activating your account by entering in all of your information as well as your credit card and account information.

Step 7: Once you have received an invoice on the screen stating your activation has become successful, your modem is now activated!

Step 8. Now comes the workaround... In order to get outside the XOHM domain where they have all service bound to at this time (Baltimore only), you will need to change the service address in their system to a Baltimore Maryland address.

Step 9
: Simply visit the my.XOHM site and log in with your username and password. Click on "Account" at the top of the page and then "Account Information" on the left; just under that you should see "Address" listed. Select "Address" and enter in an address that was shown to be within the XOHM coverage area (such as the address of the police station we used).


xohm.com site



xohm account


Step 10: That's it! You're ready to connect and start surfing the web and downloading and uploading files at WiMAX XOHM speeds!


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