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Pepwave Max 700 fuels eBay Buses

The Pepwave MAX 700, a formidable road warrior, now rides the eBay bus. eBay provides shuttle bus service for its staff in San Francisco and was looking for a way to keep passengers productive and entertained while riding. After considering its options, eBay chose to address this need with the Pepwave MAX 700, installing one on each bus to provide mobile Internet access to its technologically savvy passengers. Featuring bonded bandwidth and a rugged enclosure, the Pepwave MAX 700 provides fast Internet access eBay staff can count on, even on a moving bus.


  • Deployed a Pepwave MAX 700 on each eBay bus.
  • Each Pepwave MAX 700 is equipped with Verizon LTE USB modems and Sprint 3G modems for fast on-the-go connectivity.
  • Allows seamless high bandwidth Internet using SpeedFusionTM bonding technology.
  • Stands up to harsh environments, protected at all times by its rugged enclosure.
  • Offers a reliable, fast mobile network.

Winning factors:

  • Eliminates dead zones and provides uninterrupted mobile Internet anywhere, thanks to multiple USB ports that allow connections to multiple carriers.

Resists shock and vibration, and works well in extremely hot environments.Fast, reliable, and tough, the Pepwave MAX 700 is a complete mobile connectivity solution that keeps everyone productive and entertained on the road -- wherever the road takes you. Read our full review here: Pepwave Max 700 Review

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