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Sprint 4G spotted in New York and parts of California

Sprint HTC EVO 4G Smartphone

Sprint has been working diligently to bring 4G service to new markets - they now have 4G service in about 30 markets, including the recent additions of Baltimore and Kansas City. Sprint's HTC EVO is their first 4G-capable phone, but thanks to its hotspot capabilities and other impressive features, it has become a very popular phone even with users who aren't currently in a 4G-covered area. Interestingly, some Sprint EVO users in locations that do NOT have 4G are reporting that their phones are indicating that 4G is available - they aren't able to connect to the network, but their phones are detecting it. These reports are coming in from near Coney Island and Brooklyn in New York and in Los Angeles and San Fransisco in California. This should bring a smile to local residents' faces as they've been anxiously awaiting 4G coverage in those cities!

It's important to note that the EVO users who are reporting seeing this message on their phones aren't actually able to USE the 4G network the phone is apparently detecting, but this could be a good indicator that Sprint is in the process of building out their 4G network in those areas!

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Last Updated ( Monday, 21 June 2010 19:41 )