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Verizon CEO Says RIM is Working on an LTE Blackberry


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There has been quite a bit of talk regarding Verizon's LTE network lately.  As the months go by, the anticipation grows as people wonder if Verizon can get everything launched on time. So, it was surprising to find out that RIM (manufacturers of Blackberry) is currently working one of the first LTE handsets for Verizon's LTE! This information was announced by Lowell Mc Adam, Verizon's CEO, at the Reuters Global Technology Summit. This is exciting news for those that have been following Verizon's LTE launch and are eagerly awaiting news about what products they'll be able to use on the soon-to-be launched network.

The announcement of RIM's creation of an LTE phone comes at an interesting time in the 4G world, as Sprint is set to launch their first 4G-capable phone (the HTC EVO 4G) June 4th. Sprint and HTC have gotten enormous buzz and attention from their first WiMAX phone - we wonder if Verizon and RIM will see the same interest in an LTE Blackberry?

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