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Verizon Demonstrates Their 4G LTE Network in Boston


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With the promised launch of their 4G LTE network looming in the near futuer, Verizon Wireless finally decided to show their new LTE network in action this week. They set up a laptop in a pizza restaurant in Newton Center, Massachusetts and demonstrated their network running at 8.55Mbps download and 2.8Mbps upload (click here to watch the demo at YouTube).

The overall results that Verizon got within the tests were pretty impressive. They managed to get an 8.55Mbps download speed and a 2.8Mbps upload speed. For comparison, Verizon also had one of their 3G data cards running and showed speeds of 2.21Mbps down and 866Kbps up on that network (which are quite good for 3G, but obviously pale in comparison to the potential of 4G!). 

Verizon anticipates launching 25-30 LTE markets in 2010, but no official launch dates have been announced yet. Stay tuned at 4Ginfo for all the latest news!