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Verizon Says LTE Will Match 3G Footprint in 2013


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Verizon Wireless is claiming that by 2013 their 4G LTE coverage will match their current 3G coverage. This is really impressive considering after two years Sprint/Clear's 4G WiMAX coverage is only available in about 30 markets, in the same amount of time Verizon is promising they will have 4G coverage almost everywhere in the country.

During a developer's webcast this morning, Verizon's VP of Open Development, Tony Lewis, said "Everything is on track for commercial launch." He also stated that before the end of the year it will launch with 25 to 30 markets, which will cover about 100 million people. During 2012 they plan on doubling their 4G coverage to cover up to 200 million people. Lewis also said that "Everywhere we have 3G coverage today we'll have LTE in 2013."

He also stated that in 2013 Verizon will be adding LTE coverage in some places that don't even have 3G coverage currently. The company will continue expanding coverage into 2014, which is when they expect to complete their nationwide deployment.


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